The vile attacks on Cardinal Pell continue in the Media , year after year, the same old hoary distortions are trotted out at the latest propaganda inquiry into events of decades ago - the same old distortions are re-hashed. Here is our post on the 2013 campaign by the enemies of the Church .



Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Having read the vicious Channel Nine webpages I am moved to re-post this original item. The anti-Catholic bigotry on the Nine website is sickening.

It is no exaggeration to say that the Australian Media relish hating and persecuting Cardinal George Pell. Every device imagineable is employed to denigrate His Eminence and no depth is too deep for them to plumb in the effort.

His offence against the persecutors is not hard to find. His Eminence has, on a number of occasions stated that his practice is to "teach what the Catholic Church teaches,do what the Catholic Church does, and let the chips fall where they may...". Could anyone be more guilty in the eyes of the mainstream media? Outrageous! Against Abortion,Homosexual activity, Euthanasia,Contraception, Same Sex "Marriage" - and loyal to the Pope!!! Plainly guilty no need for trial.

They systematically fail to accurately represent his role in the Church in Australia, and one might  puzzle over whether this is the sheer malice of convenience for their purposes, or invincible ignorance. For Cardinal Pell is always presented in the Australian Media as if he were the head of Catholic Church Australia Inc. This of course is very convenient for their purposes he is " the big fella" in every way, physically tall, a Cardinal and therefore close to the Pope in a formal way,he symbolises the Catholic Church for their purposes. But they proceed from that symbolism to try to make Cardinal Pell administratively responsible for every act of every cleric past and present throughout Australia.

Uninformed they may be, but one is inclined to believe that they are not so stupid as to really believe that. No, it is just a convenient lie to sell to a readership generally ignorant of the details of Church structure and administration. And it seems the intention is malign - to crudely strike back at the most senior and effective advocate

The fact that carefully organised "Victims Support Groups" have been successful in getting no less than three Child Sex Abuse inquiries running simultaneously, one in NSW related solely to the Hunter Valley region, one in Victoria related solely to that State and one National Inquiry into all institutions  dealing with children, has created a marvellous media circus .

As a former Archbishop of Melbourne, Cardinal Pell was called to testify to the Victorian Inquiry and no doubt will ultimately testify to the National Inquiry. The questioning of witnesses in the Victorian Inquiry seemed at times to resemble the courts run by the Nazis in Germany, with members of the Inquiry Panel engaging in some cases in scurrilous lines of comment and  examination.The lurid suggestions made there were then taken up by the Media and amplified for sensational and deceitful purposes.

A classic example of this was questioning of Cardinal Pell about Domus Australia. This is the Australian Pilgrim House and Chapel recently Blessed and opened in Rome by Pope Benedict XVI. Cardinal Pell has the use of an Apartment in the complex for the multiple visits he has to make to Rome each year, on account of his numerous responsibilities to the Holy See.The total cost of the Domus Australia project was in the vicinity of AUD $ 30,000,000 apparently. This is not inordinate given the size of the project and to-day's price levels. But it came to be represented as Cardinal Pell's $ 30,000,000 Palace in Rome, conjuring up images of Renaissance Prince Bishops etc. etc. This grotesque bit of Propaganda was worthy of the Nazi Josef Goebbels.

And this grew out of the equally dishonest assertion at the Victorian Inquiry that the Church ought to have sold the property in order to pay more compensation to victims of sexual abuse by a few clergy. This propaganda twist was of course, intentionally dishonest, since no such victim had gone without compensation adequate in terms of Australian law.One  passes over the question whether or not money can really compensate genuine victims of such abuse. But for the people representing them , the money aspect is important - especially for lawyers on a no win no fee basis and dependent on a percentage of any award as their fee. Perhaps even victims support groups now perceiving  their raison d'etre dwindling as these matters from the distant past are dealt with, are also coming to see a diminishing future and thus a need to " maintain the rage" or perish, along with their high profile leaders' media "life" - and the onset of attention deficit syndrome.

So His Eminence was pilloried for almost anything and everything. If in the face of the hostile and deliberately baiting questioning his manner was guarded, he was " aloof", " uncaring" , " unsympathetic", did he apologise -Yes - well then he was " insincere"! Did he consult lawyers - just as the victims and their representatives did? " Outrageous and disgusting", " Hiding". 

Truly , it was always going to be a " no win" situation. Such Inquiries do  not operate under the same rules as Courts of Law and one has to endure the assault. The purpose, if not of the Inquiries, of some of the participants is to vent spleen and hurl as much muck as they can. 

Perhaps one of the lowest points of dishonesty reached by the Media was a newspaper headline widely repeated over the Internet which said :

Cardinal George Pell has confessed to creation of false documents and 'reprehensible' cover-ups of child sex abuse"

The clear implication was that His Eminence had made an admission of personal guilt in the matter.

But the detail of the article we find that the Cardinal had acknowledged that he had discovered that in the time of his predecessor in Melbourne, Archbishop Frank Little, a document detail had been falsified. This reporting by the paper's Headline was dishonest. Cardinal Pell had confessed to no personal offence.

Should Cardinal Pell be surprised? Should we be surprised - at this vicious hostility of the Media to a heroically faithful Catholic Bishop?

" “Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. 12 Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven, for so men persecuted the prophets who were before you." Matt. 5:11


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