I have to confess upfront that, five years ago I had not read George Bernanos' classic novel "Diary of a Country Priest"despite having lived 71 years plus. In my teens I saw it on bookshelves and assumed it was a bit of salacious anti-clerical propaganda. Later, when I realised from the comments of those I respect that it was a work of great quality, I simply did not get around to it.

But now, thanks to my marvellous Amazon KINDLE , I have been able to read it. What a joy !What I would like to share with you is an excerpt from the Foreword written by Remy Rougeau a monk . The entire Foreword is beautiful and insightful. This final paragraph distills its essential message :

"Saints have a difficult position in society not because they suffer. We all suffer. They, however, are ambassadors of truth in a world of illusion. Our world is more of an illusion than ever, a narcotic upon senses and judgment. Grace is perhaps more necessary than ever. And in this novel we can see it in mysterious but visible action.

Remy Rougeau "

"A world of illusion" how very true! So few things are as they are presented to us. From the absurdity of "Age defying" creams and lotions, to the multi-lifted faces of "forever young personalities and "beauty" that is no more than glamour, "love"that is no more than sex, all is illusion. When we move into the realm of ideas the same truth holds : "reform" that is nothing more than change, "rights" that are nothing but inventions of social engineers , "science" that is true to-day but not tomorrow, not to mention the "image"of public figures that is dismantled the moment they leave office - now the media will give us another truth.

Thank you, Brother Remy Rougeau.


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