Since this Post was written on 31st May, 2015 those conspiring against His Eminence have found some men who now remember incidents previously unreported - from decades ago -which they claim they experienced and these have been made into allegations-strenuously denied by Cardinal Pell and shown by others to be totally implausible for a variety of reasons. These have led to the current charges against His Eminence.

Cardinal George Pell

The tactic adopted by those seeking to beat the Church to death with the stick of the clerical sexual assault incidents of the immediate post-Conciliar period - now almost 40 years ago -  has been to agitate for legal public inquiries , sometimes in the form of Royal Commissions. The first was held in Victoria, the second in New South Wales and the the third and current example is a Federal one set up by our former and failed Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

The Victorian Inquiry was set up in 2013 by a Liberal (conservative) Government already facing electoral disaster which has since befallen it, and was a Parliamentary Inquiry into the handling of Child Abuse by Religious and Other Non-Government Organisations.  

In New South Wales a Special Commission of Inquiry  was set up in November 2012, to examine claims made on ABC TV's LATELINE program by Detective Chief Inspector Peter Fox concerning instances of clerical abuse in the Maitland- Newcastle Diocese in the Hunter Valley region. The  Special Commission was appointed despite the appointment of a National Inquiry (see below). It was to be headed by Margaret Cunneen Special Counsel .It was to specially inquire into the handling of the case of a particular pedophile Priest. It found that Detective Inspector Fox was not to be relied upon. The report of the Commission found : " Detective Chief Inspector Fox was an unsatisfactory witness in a number of respects".......and that "Fox had developed what amounted to an obsession about both the Catholic Church and conspiracies involving senior police"..and other parts of his testimony before the Commission were " implausible" and "deliberately untruthful". The Priest concerned was indeed guilty as previous legal proceedings had shown.

The National Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse was set-up by former failed Prime Minister Julia Gillard  who announced it in November 2012 at a time of great turmoil and unpopularity which ended in June 2013 when she was removed by her Party. Curiously, the motivation for the Royal Commission's establishment was said to be the allegations of the Detective Chief Inspector Fox mentioned above. But this Royal Commission would cast a National net and not limit itself to Fox's allegations. It is still going on. Its hearings , most recently, have been in Ballarat Victoria where a number of pedophile Priests and Brothers ( between 10 and 20 it seems) have been dealt with by the Courts over the decades. The hearings have re-examined victims and perpetrators, and Church authorities.

Much of the above special political and legal apparatus has been drawn into motion by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's sponsorship effectively of people like Detective Inspector Fox and its recurrent presentation of victims and " victim support group" professionals .  The constant demand has been for Inquiries and Royal Commissions which Governments - usually in political difficulties have been happy to set up in order to appear to be doing something, and to provide media distraction from their political woes.

Once established, the Inquiries and Royal Commissions have a life of their own. They are elaborate forums providing platforms for lawyers to enhance their reputations, victims with platforms to repeat their oft told sad stories once again, the media with occasions to repeat the same  and often confuse the issue by writing as if the stories were all new. Then in due course come the Findings of the Royal Commission or Inquiry and the media circus goes off again. The victims are interviewed and perhaps induced to cry and perhaps induced to ask for more money than they have previously received.

The Church once again expresses regret and sorrow and that is deemed insufficient, apologises and is told it is insincere and the complaining media and victim support organisations continue as if nothing has been done except the original offence.

But in the case of Cardinal Pell their purpose is different. Their aim is to destroy him personally, even though he is not accused of any offence though two alleged victims have complained about how they say he handled their original complaints - the substance of their claims His Eminence has denied years ago.

What is his offence against the ABC and the Media ? He is the most senior Australian Catholic cleric, a staunch defender of the Catholic Faith and Catholic Practice, and a social conservative and he does not kow tow to Climate Change Religion. 

So "Strike the Shepherd" is the name of the game. And the Left/Green/"Gay"/Pro Euthanasia/ Pro Abortion  ABC and Media rejoices in being handed the decades old clerical abuse stories as a stick to beat the Church and its Champion for as long as they can. 

This report by THE SPECTATOR gives a detailed account of what has been going on :


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