THE KEY MAN SAINT PETER - under the Auspices of Christ Himself.
The Seagull has chose a mighty vantage point.
From time to time some of our "separated brethren" to use that now fading term so popular thirty years ago, will try to question the Primacy of Saint Peter, As often as not, these good folk will describe themselves as "Bible Christians". Funnily enough, these "Bible Christians" never think to ask where the Bible came from, or who said what constitutes the Bible? The answer to both questions is , of course, the Catholic Church. This can easily be demonstrated from the well-recorded History of Sacred Scripture.

But more fundamentally, we have to ask ourselves - and them - how well do they read their Bibles?

There are three landmark passages in Sacred Scripture which establish the claim of Petrine Supremacy : 

Matthew XVI 17-19

Luke  XXII   31-32, and

John XXI     15-17                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 We will expand on these as the days go by and we build our "Look at Luther with Pope Francis ". But , for to-day let us simply ask our "separated brethren" to ponder some basic facts , they being good "Bible Christians".

Dear friends, in your "Bible Christian" exercise, did it ever occur to you to ask how pre-occupied the Bible is with each of the Apostles? Let us examine the record :

Saint Peter is mentioned  195 times.

Saint John is mentioned     29 times.

Saint James is mentioned   19 times.

Saint Philip  is mentioned    15 times.

Saint James the less is  
                              mentioned     14 times.
Saint Andrew  is mentioned 12 times.

Saint Thomas is  mentioned  11 times.

Saint Bartholomew is mentioned  10 times.

Saint Jude  is mentioned           8 times.

Saint Simon Boanerges is mentioned 7 times.

Saint Matthew is mentioned     5 times. 

Before our friend leaps in to say that such simplistic treatment of crude numbers is not a proper indicator of significance, let us be prepared to get the record straight. The absolute disproportion in the number of mentions of Saint Peter, is an undoubted indication of his remarkable importance in relation to all the other Apostles - not even the beloved Apostle John remotely approaches his pre-eminence.

The favours Our Lord extends to Saint Peter are overwhelming (e.g. having him walk on water, teaching from Peter's boat, living in Peter's home ) as is the recorded activity of Saint Peter - deciding to replace Judas, judging and condemning Ananias and Sapphira, rebuking Simon Magus, raising Tabitha from the dead, defending un-circumcised converts and much, much more. 

Far more information is available  in the brilliant booklet " The Primacy of Saint Peter " by Father Paul Stenhouse MSC PhD published by Chevalier Press.. I have relied on it extensively in preparing this post and have been moved to prepare the post after reading it.   A more extensive treatment of the subject is contained in "JESUS, PETER AND THE KEYS" by Scott Butler, Norman Dahlgren and Rev. Mr. David Hess (Published by Queenship Publishing Company).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Successors of Saint Peter  have been Saints and Sinners, intellectual giants and the occasional somewhat lesser being, but all have been blessed with the gift of Infallibility when teaching matters of Faith and Morals "ex Cathedra" to be held by all the faithfull. It is an awesome responsibility.                                                                                                                                                                                                                



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