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COMMENTARY ON SACRED SCRIPTURE is a little like naming the Currency - it brings a lot of crazy people out of the woodwork.

But it is not only the crazies who get into difficulties. I have found that even scholars and preachers make fundamental errors, both in ill-prepared preaching and even in considered published items, because they are so caught up in technical considerations. So let us try to step back and look particularly at the New Testament texts in a general way to see if we can find some helpful guidelines for meeting the ideas of the scholars, the preachers, and the crazies.

To begin with, we quickly see that the New Testament texts are unlike any modern writing. They do not conform to any of the norms we take for granted. After all, writing has come a long way even in the last two hundred years. So if we go back 2,000 years we can expect major differences. 

Firstly we need to think "Who was writing?" Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Peter, Paul, for example:
a Tax Collector…