Technical problems with Google indexing have made it desirable to re-post all of our material. I hope you will find interest in reflecting with me, on the history of the Church over the centuries and during the life of the Blog which began on 14th December 2009. This post first appeared on 26th July 2010.

SATAN _ Paradise Lost.
To-day’s media pour out words in an unremitting stream. Even when there is nothing to be said, commentators feel obliged to maintain a stream of mindless blather to justify their presence, even when a televised image is absolutely self-explanatory.

The repetition of certain words and phrases is an acknowledged form of indoctrination. If it is not subtle, it can sometimes prove counter-productive. In recent times the repetitive solemn intonation of “working families” was so overdone in Australia that it became a source of national mirth. When the same stable more recently brought forth “moving forward” the community was well-primed and the universal ridicule in response made the effort explode in the face of the perpetrator.

But where subtlety is employed the effect can be devastating. Take the recent use or, we should say, abuse, of the word “gender”.Its true meaning is a “grammatical classification” of a word – whether it is, masculine, feminine or neuter in form: e.g. father, mother and statue respectively. But in recent years it has come to be used in place of “sex”. So now it is common to see on forms that one is asked to indicate one’s “gender” instead of one’s sex. Why? You may very well ask!

The promoters of this abuse of the word “gender” are Marxist inspired homosexuals, lesbians and radical feminists who began their efforts in the universities and public service, in order to mould the way the community thinks about relationships of interest to these people. If you use “Sex” you are clearly recognizing the reality of male and female difference. You will then come to use “husband” and “wife”, “father” and “mother”- all reinforcing the natural order and traditional Marriage.. But these promoters of the unnatural in relationships and the physical have other plans for you. “Gender” in place of “sex” is neutral and facilitates substituting “partner” for “husband” or “wife” and “parent” for “father” or “mother”. Then one is primed to step onto the slippery slope of same-sex marriage and adoptions by same-sex “couples” This subtle manipulation goes quickly beyond language use to affect and accommodate patterns of thinking about the most unnatural things. The objective is to subvert the natural order to facilitate the triumph of the unnatural and the perverted and to undermine Christian society.

The same people had earlier perverted the use of the word “gay “- which properly means “” light hearted/mirthful/ sportive” to describe themselves. This is a classic example of the Nazi concept that in propaganda the bigger the lie is, the better. For this abuse of the word “gay” is a deliberate effort to mask a desperate, perverted, sad and often ugly group with a description entirely the opposite of their reality which is wracked by suicide, psychological and physical illness and grotesque affectation in many cases. By using the word to describe them, one becomes complicit in the lie they seek to spread, as they demand ever more stridently, acceptance of their behaviour as “normal”.

Words express what we think. They can also come to change what we think, as these radical activists know. We need to be careful about the words we use; otherwise, we shall find that we are ourselves being used.


Copyright .This article first appeared in the July,2010 issue of FOUNDATION


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